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    Why is this requested? Knowing where you shop matters to us so we can best serve you. Also, a proof of purchase may be required on warranty and service claims. Some of our items are only sold in certain retailers and some resellers, such as consignment sales, are not covered under warranty. If you received your product as a gift, you can give enter “Gift”.
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    Why is this requested? Our products have limited warranties. The date you purchased the item may be used to help determine the terms of your product’s warranty. If you received your product as a gift, please provide the date the gift was received.
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    Why is this requested? Including a clear picture of the product/issue will allow our team to assess your concern faster and quickly provide a resolution.
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        Please note this email address is for media and influencer requests only. We will not be able to assist with inquiries regarding product issues, wholesale accounts, licensing, etc. via this email. For those types of inquiries, please fill out the “Contact Us” form on this page.