Our full Happy Planet(TM) collection is made from 250 recycled water bottles (and counting!). Our goal is to save 10M water bottles in 3 Years. The number of recycled water bottles varies by product because of different fabric usage, please contact our Product Pros if you are interested in product specific details!

Our handpicked recycled fabric vendor is Global Recycle Standard certified and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 system certified. And, they maintain a renewable energy certification and take great care to reuse wastewater, rainwater, reduce carbon and water footprint, and use energy-efficient looms and dying machines.
Through our partnership with the How2Recycle(TM) coalition we break down exactly what and how to recycle all components of your packaging. Look on the side of your box or the back of your instruction manual to see the specifics on How2Recycle. Please recycle your packaging to help us Do More!
Our Happy Planet™ thread is spun from repurposed plastic water bottles and transformed into stylish, sustainable, washable must-haves. The water bottles are broken down in to chips, then spun into fiber and the thread is woven together to make our fabrics.